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A well maintained Saniflo unit can last for years if used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. However, you may experience some problems over the years.

Here are a few common questions our engineers are commonly asked!

Can I descale my Saniflo with bleach?

We highly recommend you not to add any chemicals or bleach into the Saniflo unit, as it can harden the rubber parts inside the system, stopping the pressure switch to turn of properly.

You may use toilet cleaners lightly as per the Saniflo instruction manual, but it will not descale the macerator pump. You will need to call a specialist Saniflo service engineer that will use a Saniflo descaler to thoroughly descale the machine.

My Saniflo is blocked and the water level in the bowl as risen

This could suggest your toilet is blocked, so we recommend not flushing the toilet any further as this can cause the water to overspill. You can try to use a plunger gently, as it may be clogged tissue causing the blockage. If this doesn’t resolve the issue then there may be a problem with the blade itself, which would need further investigation.

How long will a Saniflo last?

This one of our most common questions asked. Saniflo systems are designed to last many years if they are looked after in the correct manner. If you live in a hard water area, then it is recommended to de-scale the Saniflo at least 2-3 times a year to prevent limescale build up.

My Saniflo is not working

There are few things you can try before calling out an engineer. Check that the machine has not been turned off by accident from a power cut or a tripped circuit. Also check if the box is hot, as you may just need to let it cool down before you can start using it again. If you are unable to find a solution for this then call our specialist engineers, who will be able to identify the problem and help with a solution.

Saniflo gives out bad odours

Bad sewage like smells is often caused by a build-up of limescale and dirty at the bottom of the unit, which then is pushed out in the air through the air vents. If you have not descaled your Saniflo under 3 years then it may be worth cleaning and descaling the entire system

My Saniflo makes a buzzing noise

If your Saniflo is making bussing noises, it may be the case that there is something jammed that is causing the motor to fail or the capacitor has failed. First check that the macerator blade is spinning freely, if that is fine then you can check the capacitor. If the capacitor is below the recommended range you may need to replace it.






Saniflo systems are the perfect solution for installing a toilet or sink in areas where there is no access to a conventional drainage system.

We’ve listed our top 10 reasons why you should install a Saniflo unit in your home or office!

Revolutionary product

Saniflo system is a revolutionary product use their own technology that can handle all types of fixtures from sinks showers, toilets and bathtubs.


As Saniflo systems don’t require access to a wastewater line, you have the freedom to fit a Saniflo unit in any space.

Smart drainage system

Smart drainage system means that you no longer need to dig up flooring tiles to install.


Saniflo is a very compact system, as it can fit in any space, including underneath staircases or wardrobe closets.


Saniflo system installation is quick and easy and cost-effective compared to the regular system.

Environmentally friendly

Saniflo systems have a lower water consumption compared to the conventional system.


Saniflo system doesn’t make much noise so it can sit on any floor in your home or office.

Value for money

Saniflo systems can be installed for life, and with low installation costs, it proves to be great value for money.


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